Upwork Readiness test Answers for independent contractors and Company Managers 2022


  1. Which of the following is TRUE about hourly jobs?
  • The client is billed only for hours worked.
  • Work time is logged through the Upwork Team App.
  • Your time is covered by the Upwork Guarantee that an hour worked is an hour paid.
  • All of the above (answer)
  1.  A good profile includes which of the following?
  • Your full name, title, and photo.
  • An overview that lets potential clients know what you can do for them.
  • A few completed skill tests to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Well-written text that has a positive tone, is grammatically correct, and is spelled properly.
  • All of the above (answer)
  1. Which statement about the Team App is False?
  • The Team App lets you track your time for hourly jobs.
  • The Team App takes work-in-progress snapshots at random times in 10-minute intervals.
  • The Team App must be used for fixed price contracts. (answer)
  • The Team App records the total number of keystrokes and mouse clicks.
  1. What is one smart way to prove you�re right for the job?
  • Offer to work for free.
  • Ignore the client�s invitation to interview.
  • Offer to do a short, paid �test project� to show you have the necessary skills. (answer)
  • Send a cut and paste cover letter full of spelling errors.
  • Beg them to hire you because you really need the money.
  1. Which of the following is True about fixed-price jobs?
  • Fixed-price jobs are not covered by the Upwork Guarantee.
  • Payment is at the client�s discretion.
  • Fixed-price jobs are generally smaller and are paid upon completion.
  • Terms of the job are agreed upon before work begins.
  • All of the above (answer)
  1. Before you apply for a job, what questions should you ask yourself?
  • Do I have the right skills and experience for this job?
  • Do I have the time available to complete this job?
  • Do I think the offered rate is acceptable?
  • All of the above (answer)
  1. What is the secret to being a highly successful freelancer on Upwork(upwork)?
  • Communicate early, communicate often.
  • Provide honest and realistic project updates.
  • Respond quickly and hit deadlines.
  • Listen to your client�s concerns and have a positive attitude.
  •  All of the above (answer)
  1. What do you need to be successful on Upwork? HINT: Everything you need to know is in the Contractor Manual!
  • A fast, reliable Internet connection and an up-to-date Internet browser.
  • A work-only email account and a free Skype account.
  • A basic understanding of the English language.
  • A ready-to-work attitude, a strong set of skills, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • All of the above (answer)
  1.  What kind of profile image works best for attracting clients?
  • A picture of me smiling, because it�s considered more trustworthy and pleasant. (answer)
  • An illustrated image of my favorite animal..
  • A picture of me wearing a baseball hat and dark sunglasses.
  • My company�s logo.

10 . Upwork charges clients 10% of what they pay on your contract.

  1. True (answer)
  2. False

11. The Upwork Team application Time Tracker records which of the following

  • Screenshot of the active screen once per billing segment.
  • Number of keystrokes.
  • Number of mouse clicks
  • Memo entered by the contractor
  • All of the above. (answer)
  1. Screenshot of the active screen once per billing segment
  • Number of keystrokes
  • Number of mouse clicks
  • Memo entered by the contractor
  • All of the above (answer)

13 .Can I start my own agency on Upwork?

  • Yes! You can create an agency and earn money by selling the services of your agency contractors. (answer)
  • No, Upwork is for independent contractors only
  1. What happens when a contract ends? 
  • You lose access to the Work Diary
  • Both users can leave feedback
  • The feedback system is double blind, So your employer can not see the feedback you left them until after they have left feedback for you.
  • Hours will be billed ( and disputes may be failed according to the usual weekly payment schedule.
  • All of the above. (Answer)
  1. Which of the following is false about weekly limits on hourly contracts?
  • The weekly limit can be changed by the employer
  • Hours in excess of the weekly limit are not guaranteed payment
  • Hours in excess of the weekly limit will not be billed to the employer.
  • You should discuss any need to work beyond your limit with your employer.
  • The weekly limit can be changed by the contractor. ( answer)
  1. Which of the following are TRUE about the Upwork dispute process?
  • The dispute process only applies to hourly contracts.
  • If you fail to respond, Upwork will refund the employer and suspend your account.
  • If you reject the dispute, Upwork specialists will review your Work Diary and evaluate it against the criteria of d. the payment guarantee
  • Disputed hours ruled in the employers favor are refuned.
  • All of the above. ( answer)

17.Which of the following actions are NOT allowed when applying to job postings?

  • Misrepresenting your skills, experiences, portfoli, etc.
  • Submitting boilerplate, placeholder or generic bids or other spam.
  • Disclosing direct contract information.
  • Applying when you are not truly qualified.
  • All of the above. (answer)