Upwork Proposal Screening Questions Answers 2022


Upwork Proposal Screening Questions 

Answers 2018

1. Do you have suggestions to make this project run successfully? 

Answer: As I am willing to be a part of your project, I studied all the details given for this particular job. After doing so, a quite number of suggestions regarding this project popped up inside my head. If I had to mention one specific suggestion, then I would say, according to my concepts, if you update your strategy and apply proper methods, I am much hope that we can make this project successful.

2. Do you have any questions about the job description? 

Answer: The way you have arranged the job description is fully understandable for me and I have understood every single detail very well. So, for the time being, I have no questions about your job description. But If I need any further information after I start working on the project, I will let you know and discuss with you in greater detail.

3. What SEO jobs have you done in the past? 

Answer: In my past working years, I have successfully completed many SEO projects which you will find in my employment history and portfolio projects. So if you trust my words and working abilities, I guarantee that I will be successful in this particular project and you will see that you did not make a mistake by hiring me.

4. What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why? 

Answer: When I looked at your job requirements for the very first time, it took me no time to realize that I have finished many projects which are similar to yours. And for the records, my previous clients were very satisfied with my work. For your assurance, you can review my portfolio, profiles and employment history where you will find the authenticity of my words because the truth is the only basis for a good working relationship.

5. Which part of this project do you think will take the most time? 

Answer: As an Upworker or Freelancer, I have gathered experience in both fields by working for years. I always prefer using up to date techniques to remain at the top of the competition. So, I think that choosing the most effective way to proceed with the project will take the most time. If we fix our strategy by taking some time, I can guarantee that we will be able to make this project a successful one within a short period of time.

6. Have you taken any Upwork tests and done well on them that you think are relevant to this job? 

Answer: I have mentioned before that I have several years of experience on this type of works, so needless to say, I have taken many Upwork Skill Tests in the beginning and time to time and I performed quite well in those tests. If you check the Test Area on my profile you will see my high ratings. The default system of Upwork tests is a good method of justifies a freelancer’s abilities and quality. I appreciate this system as well as I completed those tests with high ratings.

7. How long do you need to complete this task? 

Answer: I was never a slow learner. I have reputation for being a fast learner. After studying your project details thoroughly, I�ve understood everything accurately. I don’t know exactly how much time I will need, but I have a strong feeling that I would be able to complete your task in a very short period of time.

8. How much time do you think it will take to accomplish the task for google results? 

Answer: Today, we live in a fast world where you�ll find that competition is everywhere. Especially when it comes to something related to the Internet. Workers always want their works to be ranked as top 10 in Google search. And this tendency is increasing day by day. For this, the competition level is kissing the sky. Though every worker desires to be at the top, most of the people do not apply the updated methods to achieve a high ranking. But I can assure you that I thoroughly understand what measures I�ll have to cover to get the work done and I don�t work by hitting around the bush. That�s why I�m confident about getting your project ranked in a short period of time compared to everyone else in the competition.

9. How much time do you think it will take to receive a high ranking with Google? 

Answer: Just in my previous answer, I�ve guaranteed a ranked position for your project in a short time. But now we are talking about High Ranking with Google. We both know that in this competitive battlefield, it�s more than important to receive a good ranking with Google. But if you put your trust in my updated methods and effective work strategy, they will give you your required rank in Google in a short time.

10. Why do you think you are a good fit for this particular project? 

Answer: If Experience is the golden factor for this type of project then undoubtedly I am a better fit than others for this job because I have all the qualities which are required by you and most importantly I have a minimum 3+ years of working experience in all of the categories that you need assistance with. When you do something for a time period of more than 3 years, you become pretty good at and that�s why I think I�m the guy you are looking for.

11. What questions do you have about the project? 

Answer: After reading the job description that you have posted, I found that it is very informative. I did not find anything irrelevant. So for the time being, there�s nothing which is questionable to me. But if I ever need to know something, I will let you know if I need any question answered once we get started.

12. Do you have previous experience? If so, do you have some examples? 

Answer: Yes, I have a lot of previous experience which include years of hard work and dedication. If you want more details, you are always free to view my profile, work history, and client feedback. I have also attached some of my portfolios. If you kindly view that, you�ll find that is more relevant to your question.

13. What part of this project most appeals to you? 

Answer: Not just one, but actually two parts of this particular project of yours appeal to me more than anybody else. First one is that all of the requirements regarding this project need a great deal of experience which I already offer. The second and most important part is that I really enjoy this kind of work. It is not my hobby or past time activity, it�s more like a passion for me. I find endless pride and satisfaction after achieving great results.

14. What is important for you in a company you work for? 

Answer: It�s a matter of regret that, we freelancers are always ready to satisfy our clients but very few clients think about our satisfaction. That�s why I am heartily thankful to you for asking this particular question. I don�t know about others but for me, I appreciate good behavior, better working circumstances, good communications, friendly approach and in time payment.

15. Have you worked on SEO, show me samples and examples with keywords ranking? The goal set up should be known. 

Answer: Yes, I have been working on SEO for more than 3 years which is the main 50% of my works. I have a vast knowledge about the updated algorithm of Google ranking process and the process of the goal set up. I want to proudly announce that have ranked many sites and keyword.

16. What can you do for us that someone else can�t? 

Answer: It is very difficult to say what another freelancer can do whom I have never met in my life. Every individual worker has their own mastered sections. But I can, however, tell you about what I can do for you. From the very beginning of my freelancing career, I never have applied for or neither has ever accepted a project in which I feel like that I can�t succeed at. I research everything carefully before applying with my skills and knowledge. I believe that because of this reason your project will be successful in due time if you hand it over to me.

17. Tell me how you would go about increasing my rankings for my website? 

Answer: Everybody related our kind of work, will agree on that Ranking has become very competitive in today�s online marketplace. Success is the only option on this project for a professional marketer like me. It�s a part of my everyday work that I always do research to keep up with the ever-changing and improving technology. In today�s world of enhanced web market, the ratio of competition and advanced technology is 50-50. So as a pro marketer and researcher, I assure you that if you give me the opportunity, I will take the proper steps and do anything that�s necessary to increase rankings for your website.

18. How long does it take to rank a website? Or, How Long Does It Take To Rank on Google? 

Answer: Now you have asked something really difficult which is hard to answer. Let me first enlighten you with the truth behind SEO ranking. Nowadays, SEO has become a very difficult process as everyone wants to rank up their business. For this reason, the search engine owners have made their logarithm updated and totally spam free. That�s why you have to believe me when I tell you that ranking a site overnight is nothing but an impossible theory. As SEO is a gradual process, we have to work on the ranking of a site gradually day by day. It takes months, sometimes years also. So if you ask me for a minimum estimated time, I would say, it may take 6 to 12+ months to get your website ranked in search engines. Mainly it depends on a site�s keyword competition. It�s not unknown to you that if the keyword competition is higher leveled, it will take much more time to get a website to rank. Just the same, you know, If the competition level is low, it will take much less time to get ranked. And another thing, I would do nothing that might harm your site. We, the freelancers, always do white hat tasks for ranking a site as we know that Blackhat tasks are seriously harmful to a site. That�s why I personally, I always appreciate the first way and do all the white hat methods to rank a website. So I would heartily desire that you might give me a chance to show my talent by working on your project. I will work hard and will not disappoint you

19. How would you Market a new product with $0 Budget a year? 

Answer: I really want to thank you for asking a valuable question. Now, I will submit my answer for your question in a short list. I request you to review the below list.

1. Leverage Communities a
. Subedits
b. Craigslist
c. FB Groups
d. Quoram webinars
e. Niche Forums
f. Twitter

2. Incentivize users to share 
a. $1 discount for every new sell from a user invite
b. $1 discount for sharing on fb or twitter
c. Create viral interactions such as quizzes or giveaway

3. Affiliate Programs 

4. Blogger & Youtuber 
a. gives free products in exchange for reviews

5. Guest Blogging 
a. provide quality content and spot pitch your product

6. Reach out to your existing network 
a. Friends
b. Families
c. Co-workers
d. Social media connections

7. Get your friends and family to share 
a. Sell in person
b. Local meet up groups
c. industry events
d. door to door

8. Provide Free Service 
a. Quick Sprout
b. Entrepreneur
c. KISS metrics

20. Tell me about a brand that you like its marketing approach? And why do you like it? 

Answer: I really admire the marketing approach of Apple. Their marketing strategy really amazes me sometimes. They know everything about client�s demand and provide several sample products according to the taste of different customers. I believe that people who have never used a single product of this electronic giant, knows Apple very well. Apple�s media coverage and time to in time product delivery makes me wonder how they do it with such professionalism.

21. What websites have you developed before? 

Answer: I have developed several types of websites in my previous works. I applied for your job because website development was one of the requirements that you were looking for. If you look below, you will find a short list of my developed websites. (Please put a list of your own developed sites, try to do short list and different types of site)

22. Do you have a past experience for copy writing? 

Answer: As I am working as a freelancer for years, definitely I have some past experiences for copy writing. I, myself am a blogger and I need to write at least two blog posts per day in my personal blog. I have added many samples for this kind of work in my portfolio area. I would really be happy if you review them all.

23. How much time will you need to work on this project to see results and how will you spend your time working on this project? 

Answer: I am pretty confident that I will achieve success in a short period of time as soon as I start working on this project. I exactly don�t know the exact time of working hours on this project yet, but I will report to you from time to time about the work progress.

24. Have you done high quality back-linking before? If so what sites do you use? 

Answer: Yes, I have done some high PR back-linking in my previous works and I proudly say that I have ranked multiple sites. To check if I�m telling the truth or not, you can check my employment history and portfolio given below (It would be better if you can include some links here)

25. Why should I choose you over the other 100 that have applied for this Job? 

Answer: Well, what can I say? It�s definitely a good question you have asked. It�s true that Upwork will offer you many workers where every single person will claim that he is the best. But I believe in a completely different concept from them. I�m a person who believes in hard work rather than sweet talks. Unlike the other 100 applicants, I have planned for a long term with milestones along the way. It�s is not like that it�s my first bounty hunt; rather I�ve done this type of works hundreds of times through my career. I am not here to bluff you with sweet words; rather I would be looking forward to help you succeed as it�s a win-win for both of us.

26. What challenging part of this job are you most experienced in? 

Answer: There�s nothing about this project which is less challenging. Nobody knows better than you that it�s impossible to find a project similar to yours which one doesn�t pose a challenge nowadays. I am saying this because experienced freelancers know for sure that SEO is so competitive and you hire someone who knows what to do when to help guide you. So if you trust my abilities, I assure you that my hard work will help me set us apart from the field and get you ranked with Google.

27. Who have you worked with that has yielded quick results. What was the cost to a client to receive positive results? 

Answer: I have successfully submitted a variety of project in my vast working career. If you consider viewing my portfolio and employment history you will get more details. Don�t worry about the money as I always take a fair price and definitely we can negotiate about it later and agree on a good margin.

28. Tell me how you would go about increasing my rankings for my website? 

Answer: Nowadays, if you want to Rank up a website on some particular keywords then I�d say, it has become increasingly difficult. But I have plenty of relevant ideas and skills about the search engines� logarithm which will keep me ahead of the competition. I will utilize all of my wide working qualities to ensure that your site becomes a search engine friendly one and then I will take necessary steps to increase its popularity, which will undoubtedly put a very positive impact on its rank.

29. Why did you apply to this particular job? 

Answer: I have applied to this particular job as I think that I can exceed all of the requirements for this project. You can rely on me, if you give me the opportunity, we will surely be successful and you will know that your project was in good hands after the job is done because I have never applied for a job that doesn�t match my skills. Let�s just say, I put in my mouth just as much as I can swallow.

30. Have you read the job description fully and understand it and feel you are an ideal candidate for the job? 

Answer: That�s another good question you�ve asked. I never attempt to apply for a job without having a complete understanding of the concept and the pros and cons. I rely on my supreme confidence and ability to be successful. So I have taken my time in reading the job description thoroughly and only after that, I took the decision to apply.

31. Do you have a bachelor degree with journalism/ BA in English literature? 

Answer: If you have this degree, please write �I have the required degree that you are asking for�. You can also put some information about your study areas. If you do not have that degree but you are skilled about the facts that are mentioned in the job description, please continue presenting that in a good way.

32. What can you do for us that someone else can�t? 

Answer: It is certain that many freelancers have applied for this project and many will apply later. But as you should choose the one whose skills and experience match your needs, I think that I am the perfect match for what you are looking for. There is not a single requirement that you are looking for that I cannot perform with significance. And that�s why I can proudly say that I am the best worker available for your project right at the moment.

33. Can you read and understand English to a reasonable standard? 

Answer: Though English is my second language, I spend hours to practice it very well and I can read, write, listen and speak fluently in English. So yes, undoubtedly, I read and understand English to more than a reasonable standard. I ensure you that I clearly understand everything regarding your project request and there will be no problem due to communication issues.

34. Why should I hire you? 

Answer: To answer this question of yours, I would say that I am a versatile person. I have conducted various types of works before including jobs similar to your project. I believe that to become irreplaceable, one should be different every day. So, I change my methods and criteria for the succession of a project. That�s why I�m confident that I not only meet but exceed all of the requirements for this project. If you give me the opportunity, I will not give you any chance to complete and that�s a promise. This is why I believe that I am your best option and this is the very reason, I believe you should hire me.

35. How do you search for duplicate citations? 

Answer: This is a very important task to do as duplicate listings can destroy your business and search engine presence. To find duplicate citations, I will always make a citation sites� list first. After finishing that work, I will manually search in all the directories available for the duplicate contents. And after that, finally, I will take actions to remove the duplicate one.

36. Can you show me some examples of citations you have claimed in the past? 

Answer: Citations are generally known as business listings, directory listings, yelp business posting, directory submission, and many other words. (If you have worked on citation before, please put a short list of your tasks)