SEMrush Link Building Test

SEMrush Link Building Test

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SEMrush Link Building Test

Which widget in Backlink Analytics shows you “sponsored” and “UGC” directives, recently introduced by Google?


With the help of Backlink Audit you can download a list of toxic backlinks and then send it to the Google disavow tool. True or false?


To access the most current data on disavowed backlinks you should integrate Backlink Audit with:


The Internal link distribution chart in Site Audit shows:


What is the optimal click depth of a page?


Which prospects metric in the Link Building tool represents the extent to which a certain domain with a link to your website could be harmful to your website and affect your ranking in search engines?


The Link Building tool allows you to discover whether an acquired backlink was indexed by Google. True or false?


Which tool helps you to find domains with a high authority score that have links to your competitor but do not have links to your website?


True or false? The Matches column in the Backlink Gap report table shows how many of the analyzed domains have gotten their links from a certain referring domain.


Fill in the blanks. In Backlink Audit, a domain with a link is considered toxic with a toxic score of ______, potentially toxic are those with a score of _______. You _______ to review them manually before sending to Whitelist, to Remove or to Disavow.


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