SEMrush Backlink Management Exam

SEMrush Backlink Management Exam

SEMrush Backlink Management Exam


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SEMrush Backlink Management Exam

How does Google discover pages and links?


What is the best type of link?


Which SEMrush tool helps you find backlink prospects and even send your outreach emails right from inside the tool?


The SEMrush toolset uses a link authority metric called …


If you’re hit with an algorithmic link penalty, you’ll receive a message in Google Search Console.


When using unlinked mentions to build links, you’re looking for:


Sponsorships are a link building tactic that you should avoid because you’re basically just buying a link


When doing link research, when should you look for the contact information for each opportunity?


One of your customers shared a link to your site on their Facebook. What type of link would it be? 



Which SEMrush tool will help you find unlinked mentions of your site?