LinkedIn Microsoft Project Assessment Answers

linkedin Microsoft Project assessment answers

LinkedIn Microsoft Project Assessment


LinkedIn Microsoft Project Assessment Answers

In this blog post, you will get Linkedin Microsoft Project Assessment Answers to measures your ability to accomplish technical skills. This Linkedin MSP Quiz will help you to not only crack your LinkedIn Microsoft project test but also land your dream career as MS Project Manager. Our Linkedin Microsoft project questions and answers will assist you in improving hands-on proficiency by practicing this Linkedin Microsoft Project Skill Assessment Questions and answers.

The LinkedIn Skill Assessments feature allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of the skills you’ve added on your profile. Job posters on LinkedIn can also add Skill Assessments as part of the job application process. This allows job posters to more efficiently and accurately verify the crucial skills a candidate should have for a role.

The topics in the Microsoft Project assessment include:

  • Introduction and Interface
  • Managing Projects
  • Output and Reporting
  • Project Setup
  • Resources
  • Scheduling
  • Viewing
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Working with Multiple Projects
  • Working with Tasks

Question Format

Multiple Choice



LinkedIn Microsoft Project Assessment Questions and Answers

Q1. Where can you set fixed duration, effort driven, and manually scheduled?
  •  Team Planner
  •  Project Information dialog box
  •  task form
  •  Resource Sheet
Q2. You would like the ability to edit your typed entries in the Entry Bar, which appears below the ribbon and above the default Entry table in the Gantt Chart view. You recently received a new computer and noticed that the Entry Bar is missing. How do you fix this?
  •  Use the Display tab in the Project Options dialog box to enable the Entry Bar.
  •  Change the from Gantt Chart view to Tracking Gantt view.
  •  Use the Advanced tab in the Project Options dialog box to enable the Entry Bar.
  •  On the View tab on the ribbon, in the Split View group, select Details.
Q3. Which of the following defines the project scope in terms of deliverables and components, and provides the framework on which the project status is based?
  •  work package
  •  work breakdown structure
  •  baseline
  •  milestone
Q4. What Microsoft Project view is shown in the image below?