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✔️ LinkedIn Adobe Acrobat Assessment Answers 2021 - LinkedIn Acrobat Assessment Test Answers 2021 Free ✔️ LinkedIn Adobe Acrobat Assessment Answers 2021 - LinkedIn Acrobat Assessment Test Answers 2021 Free

Linkedin Adobe illustrator assessment answers

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linkedin Adobe Acrobat assessment answers

Q1. What would happen to the fill color of the object shown below if you copied and pasted it into another Illustrator file where the Document Color Mode was set to CMYK?


Q2. You want to add some stars to the circular background object in the image below, using a scatter brush. How can you ensure that the stars appear only inside the circle?

Add stars

Q3. Why would you use the Save Selection command?

Q4. Which action closes a path when you are actively drawing with the Pen tool?

Q5. Which effect was used to give depth to the outline of California below?

A map of California has a light beige main color and a small dark shadow.

Q6. When multiple objects are selected, how do you deselect just one of them?

Q7. You need to change the fill color of all the info circles in the map below. The circles were not created from a symbol. Other than Global Edit, which command would help you accomplish this task efficiently?

A map of Southern California includes many info circles shaded in light blue.

Q8. How can you reverse the direction of all the arrows on the spiral in the image below?

A red lines spirals clockwise in, towards the center. Arrows along the line point in that direction.

Q9. What would you do to the left anchor point to make the object symmetrical?

Make symmetrical

Q10. When do you use the Knife tool?

Q11. You have a full-color RGB document and you need to create a grayscale version that will print only on the black plate. How can you accomplish this?

Q12. You have been working in the Essentials workspace and have changed the arrangement of panels, closing some that were open by default and opening others from the Window menu. How can you get back to the default arrangement of panels?

Q13. Your boss likes the new logo you’ve designed but would like to see some variations using different color schemes. Which feature could you use to generate these variations quickly?

Q14. What is the fastest and most efficient way to ensure that all the objects shown in the figure below are placed precisely next to one another with no space between them?

Q15. You select a new color in the Color Picker and want to see several variations in different shades and tints. Which feature allows you to do this?

Q16. What is the purpose of the Make Pixel Perfect command?

Q17. You have just one object on your artboard. You want to change its fill color from black to yellow, so you open the Color Picker and select a yellow color. But when you click OK, the fill of the object changes to gray, not yellow. Why is this happening?

Q18. How can you ensure that proper nouns are not hyphenated in the document you’re working on?

Q19. How could you quickly change all the hexagons to triangles in the image below?

Q20. You’re working with a pen tablet and find that using the Ellipse, Rectangle, and Polygon tools to create objects is somewhat awkward. Which tool would allow you to draw, move, and edit these shapes with intuitive gestures?

Q21. When using the Live Paint Bucket tool to fill artwork with colors, you are unable to fill some areas due to the size of gaps between paths. What can you do in the Gap Options dialog box to fix this problem?

Q22. You often use brushes from the Pattern Arrows brush library. How can you make it so this library automatically opens when you start Illustrator?

Q23. In the image below, you are attempting to use the Join tool to remove the overlapping portions of two paths (highlighted in yellow), but nothing seems to be happening. Why is this?

Overlapping circles

Q24. Which colorization method should you choose when using an art, scatter, or pattern brush to apply a spot color?

Q25. You have drawn a five-pointed star in a design and want to change the inner radius. How would you achieve this?

Q26. What is the meaning of the three dots on the cloud icon in the image below?

Cloud icon

Q27. What command would you apply to make objects beneath the selected artwork visible inside the circle?

A yellow rectangle has a circular selection in the center.

Q28. The Symbol Sprayer tool has been used to apply a number of symbol instances to an illustration. You would like to modify the appearance of some instances using graphic styles. How would this be achieved?

Q29. What happens when you click an existing anchor point with the Pen tool?


Q30. When creating a mesh object, when should you use the Mesh tool instead of the Create Gradient Mesh command in the Obje
ct menu?

Q31. When viewing the artwork shown below in Outline mode, what can you tell about the word “backpack”?

Outline mode

Q32. You would like the columns in a chart to cover the whole length of the category axis. What option would you choose?

Q33. If you are looking for a tool in the toolbar and it is not visible, what should you do?

Q34. The four flowers shown in the image below were created by applying an art brush to paths of different lengths. How can you prevent the distortion seen in flowers 2, 3, and 4 while keeping the size of the leaves and the width of the stem the same in all the flowers?

Q35. When printing an image with many out-of-gamut colors, which rendering intent would you choose to best preserve the visual relationship between colors—not the specific color values?

Q36. Why would you use change the Expand Mesh value when using the Puppet Warp tool?

Q37. When using the Image Trace feature, which option has the most impact on the number of paths that are created in the tracing result?

Q38. If you want to create an image map, which panel would you use to make an object into a clickable region?

Q39. Why use the Simplify command before exporting a web graphic to SVG format?

Q40. You have designed the product label shown below. Your client wants the black circle to print as dark as possible and requires that none of the colorful logo elements show through the circle when the label is printed. What should you do?


Q41. You are working with an Illustrator file that includes a linked Photoshop file. Your client sends a new Photoshop file with a different name and asks you to replace the old one in the Illustrator file. Which command in the Links panel would you use to accomplish this?

Q42. The fill colors of several instances of a dynamic symbol have been modified. What is the fastest way to return the fill color in every instance to its original appearance?

Q43. In the gift card shown below, the magenta flower petals need to be printed with a varnish. How would you set up the file so the varnish is applied over the magenta color of the petals?

Gift card

Q44. Your client likes the pattern fill in the text below but wants the flowers to overlap more so there are smaller gaps. How could you accomplish that?

Q45. Why would you turn on the Ignore Artboards option in the Print dialog box?

Q46. You need to process a large batch of Illustrator files, applying the same sequence of transformations to each one. What is the most efficient way to do this?

Q47. Why would you choose Enable Guides for 9-slice scaling when creating a symbol?

Q48. What can you do in order to edit text in just one placed instance of a symbol?

Q49. Your colleague has asked you to provide the CSS code for an object in your document. What must you do to make Illustrator auto-generate the code for that particular object?

Q50. You have drawn objects on planes using the perspective grid, but now want to change the angles of the grid to new vanishing points and have the artwork update automatically. What option should be enabled to achieve this result?

Q51. What happens when you assign a different color profile to an image?

Q52. Which image adjustment is not available as an adjustment layer?

Q53. The illustrator tool which is shown as a white arrow is known as the ___

white arrow

Q54. Which of the following correctly defines the method by which Adobe Illustrator creates images.

Q55. Adobe Illustrator terminology for drawn line is ___

Q56. Which of the following does the Paragraph menu not operate?

Q57. Which of the following tools will cut a path into two different paths.

Q58. The two overlapping boxes at the bottom of the Adobe Illustrator toolbox control ___

Q59. A curve created in Adobe Illustrator is commonly referred to as ___

Q60. Which of the following is not a benefit of using layers?

Q61. The Pathfinder tool

Q62. Selected tools from the toolbox will remain selected

Q63. In Adobe illustrator we create our design and Illustrator on ___

Q64. How many types of pages orientation is in Adobe Illustrator?

Q65. Shortcut of Selection tool in Adobe Illustrator is ___

Q66. Why does the top point of this star appear different from the other points?

yellow star

Q67. When creating a new color swatch, how can you ensure that the appearance of objects colored with that swatch will update if you edit the swatch at a later time?

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