HubSpot Inbound Certification Exam.

HubSpot Inbound Certification Exam: 

HubSpot Inbound Certification Exam:
HubSpot Inbound Certification exam:

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HubSpot Inbound Certification Exam Answers

1. What occurs during the attract stage of the inbound methodology?

You answer questions and provide solutions for the challenges your prospects and customers face and strategies to accomplish the goals they set.

You focus on bringing prospects and customers to your social pages or website through relevant and helpful content.

You exceed a prospect or customer’s expectations so much that they’ll want to tell their friends and family about you.

You collect information about the individual you’re working with.

2.  When does the engage stage of the inbound methodology begin

The engage stage begins when a purchase occurs.

The engage stage begins when a customer leaves you.

The engage stage begins when a prospect or customer takes a desired action.

The engage stage begins when a prospect or customer proposes you give them a discount.

3. True or false? As buying behavior changes, the inbound philosophy will also evolve.True


4. What is the purpose of the delight stage of the inbound methodology?

To exceed expectations

To provide an outstanding experience every time a prospect or customer interacts with your company

To go the extra step to ensure a prospect or customer accomplishes what they set out to do

All of the above

5. True or false? Most buyers start researching potential solutions before they meet with a salesperson.



6. Fill in the blank: The inbound methodology is a ____________.





7. Fill in the blank: Your __________ is your strongest acquisition lever.

content library

current customer base

inbound tool stack

sales-qualified leads

8. What is the relationship between the inbound methodology and the concept of a flywheel?

The inbound methodology has arrows to show the direction your flywheel should spin.

The inbound methodology is round to help you visualize your company as a flywheel.

The only way to make your company operate like a flywheel is to use inbound techniques.

The inbound methodology represents a funnel that exists in one part of your company’s flywheel.

9. Which of the following is a problem with thinking of your business as a funnel?

Movement through a funnel immediately stops when things stop flowing into the top of the funnel.

The shape of a funnel doesn’t match the actual shape of a conversion chart.

There are many different kinds of funnels, each with its own shape.

When you pour liquid into a funnel, some of the liquid will stick to the sides of the funnel instead of coming out the bottom.

10. Who is responsible for delighting prospects and customers?


Marketing and Services

Sales and Services

Marketing, Sales, and Services

11. True or false? Attracting is the role of marketing. Engaging is the role of sales. Delighting is the role of services.



12. Which of the following is NOT a reason to think of your business as a flywheel?

Flywheels store momentum.

Flywheels represent a circular process rather than a linear one.

Flywheels are able to stand unsupported for an indefinite amount of time.

Flywheels accelerate as you add more energy to them.

13. True or false? Every customer has to have a fantastic experience in order for your company’s flywheel to accelerate.

True – Even a single unhappy customer will scare away potential customers, so you need to hold your teams to a standard of pleasing every single customer they work with.

True – If you aren’t providing a flawless customer experience to every one of your customers, you aren’t operating a flywheel company.

False – Not all customers are going to be happy all the time, but your flywheel can counteract their unhappiness by increasing the total size of your customer base.

False – Some customers are inherently difficult to work with, but thinking of your company as a flywheel will encourage your teams to provide as good of an experience as possible even to your most difficult customers.

14. What are the five inbound principles?

Standardize, Contextualize, Optimize, Personalize, Empathize

Standardize, Conceptualize, Optimize, Personalize, Empathize

Standardize, Contextualize, Organize, Personalize, Empathize

Standardize, Contextualize, Optimize, Prioritize, Empathize

15. True or false? When you standardize, you’re creating a single standard answer that has no variations.



16. Which of the following is NOT something you would take into account when contextualizing information?

What actions have happened prior to this point

What activities brought someone to this point

What your product/service best attributes are

What type of question is being asked, and how the prior actions and activities influenced the current situation

17. Why is it common for companies to think of themselves in terms of a funnel?

Because flywheels were only recently invented, but funnels have been around for much longer.

Because funnels are powered by gravity, just as businesses are anchored by revenue.

Because companies that don’t use the inbound methodology are inherently funnel-shaped.

Because many business charts show conversion rates, and those charts are often shaped like a funnel.

18. How can you apply flywheel thinking to your company’s budget?

By investing as much money into things that drive customer happiness, such as support teams and product improvements, as you do into acquiring new customers through marketing and sales.

By making sure funds are evenly distributed to each section of the flywheel. Marketing, sales, and customer support should each have equal proportions of the overall budget.

If your flywheel is truly successful, you won’t need to allocate resources to marketing at all because customer word of mouth will provide all of your new prospects.

If your flywheel ever slows down, you can speed it back up by funding more customer discounts.

19. In a flywheel business, which of the following is the most important source of new prospects?Marketing




20.When it comes to inbound best practices, you personalize for:

If each team has separate funnels, a flywheel can help them understand how those funnels fit together and support each other.

It’s impossible for a funnel to apply to multiple teams.

Funnels inevitably cause friction between teams.

A flywheel replaces the standard org chart by showing each individual employee and team their relationship to every other employee and team.

21. When it comes to inbound best practices, you personalize for:





22. Fill in the blank: You standardize for ______________.





23. Fill in the blank: When optimizing your content for clarity, your goal is to ______________.

Leverage the strengths of a given channel and remove its weaknesses

Leverage the strengths of a given channel and mitigate its weaknesses

Leverage the weaknesses of a given channel with content

Leverage the strengths and weaknesses of a given channel

24. Which place is recommended for the storage of your prospect’s information?

A knowledge base

A notepad

A CRM system

An email provider

25. Why do the inbound principles exist?

The principles define inbound

The principles can be used instead of the methodology

The principles connect the methodology with the resources of inbound

The principles are aspirational goals

26. Fill in the blanks: You ________ have to provide the _________ right response, before delivering the __________ correct information.

Never, emotionally, factually

Often, emotionally, factually

Rarely, emotionally, factually

Don’t, factually, emotionally

27. What does a knowledge strategy allow you to do?

Identify questions that might be asked

Identify topics you need to have information on

Identify topics you may have information on, and what types of questions may be asked

Identify content for your blog and marketing pages that would be used to generate leads

28. Which of the following is the best way to align a company’s employees around a single purpose?

Defining a company culture that encourages employees to focus on fulfilling the company’s purpose.

Holding regular training sessions to remind employees what the company’s purpose is and teach them what they need to do to fulfill it.

Having a randomly selected employee recite the company’s purpose verbatim at the beginning of every meeting.

Adding the company purpose to every employee’s email signature.

29. If a salesperson is speaking with a specific person and discovers that the person doesn’t exactly match their assigned persona, what should the salesperson do?

Rely on the information in the persona and ignore apparent differences. Personas often contain information that people don’t know about themselves and should be trusted over anything the individual person says.

Focus on serving the person using the information they provide even if it doesn’t match the persona. If the same discrepancy comes up repeatedly, the persona might need to be updated.

Send the person back to marketing. Marketing will nurture the person until they are more qualified for sales outreach and match their persona more closely.

Create a new persona. In order for personas to be as accurate as possible, your team may need to have almost as many personas as you have prospects, leads, and customers.

30. Which of the following is NOT a key part of a company’s culture?

The company’s mission

The company’s values

What customers say about the company

The way employees behave when unsupervised

31. When you use Jobs Theory to develop a timeline of events, where does that timeline start?

The first time a potential employee hears about your company.

The first time a potential customer realizes they have a need.

The day your company was founded.

The day you were hired into your current role.

32.What is Jobs Theory?

 framework for defining internal job titles and descriptions.

The idea that a company should only have as many employees as it has “vital, relevant jobs”? to do.

A method for understanding why people buy certain products and services.

A management system was created by Steve Jobs.

33. Which of the following is NOT a “job dimension” that Jobs Theory might uncover?

Demographic information

Functional requirements

Financial requirements

Personal identity

34. How does your company’s purpose affect “back office” teams (accounting, legal, etc.)?

Your back office teams should define and maintain your company’s purpose and find ways to share it with the rest of the company.

Back office teams should find ways to make sure accounting processes, legal forms, etc. are focused on the needs of your customers.

Back office teams should be aware of your company’s purpose but will not be affected by it directly.

Back office teams should audit customer facing teams to ensure the company’s purpose is being fulfilled.

35. When it comes to goal setting, what are key results?

Key results are how you quantitatively benchmark and monitor how you get to the objective.

Key results are how you qualitatively benchmark and monitor how you get to the objective.

Key results are statements you use to benchmark the performance of every individual contributor.

Key results are reports that explain how you know how your competitors are performing.


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