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Display & Video 360 Certificate  Exam Solutions

Display & Video Ads are the Ads marketers prefer the most for their campaigns. The Display Ad is the visual photo Ad that you tend to see on websites, and Video Ads are those video advertisements that can be seen on YouTube and other websites. Google for teaching the markets the overall 360-degree skill of these Ads designed a course. This course is accessible on the Skillshop by the name of Display and Video 360.


What environment supports proximity targeting?


What are two ways to make bulk changes within Display & Video 360 campaigns?


How does the setup for a Programmatic Guaranteed deal differ from a preferred dealer?


What is required for creative approval?


How can an advertiser be granted access to TrueView inventory?


What step should be taken to track and secure a programmatic deal with a publisher?


To send data from Campaign Manager to Display & Video 360, what initial step should be taken?


To access a first-party audience list from a Floodlight tag in Display & Video 360, what step should be taken in Campaign Manager?


How would you add third-party verification to a creative when Campaign Manager is your ad server?


Which environments and inventory sources cannot run within a single line item?


Which two views show the revenue and conversion metrics for line items? (select two)


What step would an advertiser take to target a list of email addresses?


Which ad format supports pre-bid verification with Integral Ad Science?


Where can a preferred deal be assigned?


What is one way to control ad frequencies across multiple insertion orders?


What report can identify when a campaign overspent the budget?


What report can help verify if pixels load correctly on a webpage?


What report shows the number of unique users for a specific website?


What step would be taken to verify that conversion pixels are implemented and load correctly?


When creating a new TrueView campaign, how long should be allocated for creative review?


What feature allows users to adjust fixed bids for different geographies or device types?


What inventory do sources allow for exclusive publisher partnerships?


What data cannot be evaluated with a Standard or General performance report?


What is the correct Display & Video 360 account hierarchy?


What step should be taken to assign an advertiser to a preferred deal when creating a new inventory source?


How can a profit margin be applied to the revenue metric?


When is a “view” counted for TrueView campaigns?


What format cannot share a frequency cap with other media formats?


What should be used to investigate why a line item isn’t winning the majority of qualifying open auction impressions?


To activate the creative approvals process for a new creative, what step must be taken?


What hierarchy levels are required to permission and link a YouTube channel to run TrueView?


What line items are impacted by insertion order default targeting?


For deals, which tool can be used to identify if the correct creative sizes are sent with the bid request?


How can a site be blacklisted from an advertiser’s media buys?


When users make changes to a line item or insertion order, where are those changes displayed?


What insertion order settings must be set before a campaign can go live?


How can creative be submitted for audit after it’s been rejected and fixed?


What does an audit status of “Pending, servable” mean?


Which two settings can be edited in Campaign Settings? (select two)


To optimize the campaign towards viewability, which two approaches can an advertiser take? (select two)


What steps should be taken at the Advertiser level to run TrueView?


What is the benefit of linking a YouTube channel to the advertiser in Display & Video 360?


How is the daily budget calculated for an insertion order with Flight Even pacing?


What are two ways to check why a private deal is not running? (select two)


What step should be taken to view performance data for targeted audience segments?


How are line items affected when a user edits the default targeting for insertion orders?


Where can an advertiser set their campaign goal?


What timezone is applied to inline charts and metrics data?


How can a campaign be activated after creating it?


Which ad formats cannot be assigned to a single line item? (select two)


Which campaign setting impacts how the associated insertion orders deliver?


When creating new video line items, what are two execution methods that save time? (select two)


Which two objectives can be selected as a campaign goal? (select two)


When targeting a private deal with a news publisher that constantly refreshes the text on the page, which targeting should be avoided?


What are two ways to troubleshoot a non-spending line item? (select two)


Which three settings could prevent deals from meeting their ad-serving goals? (select three)


How can a line item’s potential reach be increased from 1K to 1M targeted impressions?


What step should be taken to determine which creatives had the lowest eCPM over the last month?


At what levels can pacing be set?


What is one benefit of applying “auto budget allocation” to an insertion order’s budget settings?


What are two Google Audiences? (select two)


What step should be taken to configure a Programmatic Guaranteed deal once negotiations are complete?


What ad format cannot run with Even pacing set on the insertion order?


What is the difference between Programmatic Guaranteed deals and preferred deals?


How are creatives assigned to a line item?


How can a group of URLs be excluded across advertisers?


What is the result of using a VPAID tag instead of a VAST tag when running video ads?


What step should an advertiser take to exclude sensitive categories using a supported third-party verification tool?


Which exchanges have their own creative audit process?


To duplicate a line item, what steps must be taken? Select the line item, click “Action,” and then “Download”


Which two pacing scenarios represent spend behavior that’s working as intended? (select two)


What percentage of the daily budget is applied when using “Ahead” pacing?


Where are video ads hosted for a TrueView campaign?


Which two insertion order and line item settings are required? (select two)


FAQ: Display & Video 360 Certification Exam

What is DV360 certification?

What is DV360 certification?

What is display and Video 360?

What is display and Video 360?

How much does display and Video 360 cost?

How do I learn Google DV 360?

How do I learn Google DV 360?

What is the correct display & Video 360 account hierarchy?

Is Google 360 a DSP?

Where are campaign manager and Display & Video 360 linked?

What are two ways to make bulk changes within Display & Video 360 campaigns?


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