What is a local listing in SEO

Do you know according to the report more than 85% of people use the internet technology to find out services or products in their local area, just because of the advancement of technology has helped people to do so.

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So, As a search engine optimization executive your first job should be making your client’s products or services more online presence as you can, isn’t it? But without local listing, this work can’t be possible. Imagine you have already made your online presence through a large number of local business listings sites, but on the other hand, your topmost competitors have not started any online marketing campaign yet. Now you tell me who can get benefits in this condition? Without any question, it Is obviously you.

For Example:

If you are running a “Tree removal” or “Stump removal” services in your locality and you have already listed yourself on a local business directory sites but your competitors who are offering the same business in the same locality but still his or her services have not yet registered. Obviously, in this condition, you are most likely able to target more people or customers other than your competitors. The more people you are targeted for the better your chance to convert those people into potential customers. And the more visible your online presence is the better your chance to rank higher in SERPs.

What exactly the local business listing is?

Local business listing defines an overall process to enhance your services online visibility. Throughout these process, you have to list your services or business name, business description, business website, business phone number, along with other required details. Once you ready with your business details it’s time to find out topmost business directory sites to post your listing. Every single listing that you create it to enhance your opportunity of being found online to your customers.


Finally, Business listings are very important if you want to grow your local business.Once you list your services through a well-known business listing sites like yellow pages, Yelp, Hotfrog, etc then you can see the exact benefits of it.

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